Nancy Calder

Profile At A Glance

Stratford-based Nancy Calder specializes in Still Life and Figure Painting in oil on linen. Prior to joining the Academy of Realist Art as a student and instructor, Nancy was a well-known crafts-person making whimsical plaster-mâché characters. She also studied at the Avenue Road School of Art.



  • “Portrait of Meen” was voted FAV 15% in August 2015 Boldbrush Painting Competition
  • “Portrait of John” was voted FAV 15% in February 2015 Boldbrush Painting Competition
  • “Roller Skates” was a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine 32nd Annual Art Competition


  • “Iron Dog” was voted FAV 15% in October 2014 Boldbrush Painting Competition
  • “Roller Skates” was voted FAV15% in August 2014 Boldbrush Painting Competition
  • Nancy’s second still life –“Blue Butterfly”, another fourth year work at the ARA – was awarded an honourable mention in the 2014 Art Renewal Center’s Annual Salon Competition.
  • “Blue Butterfly” was given an Honorary Distinction Award in the February 2014 Collection Beaux-Arts Realiste, Montreal Quebec Competition.


  • “Soup Tureen”, Nancy’s first still life and a fourth-year work at the ARA, was a finalist in the 2013 Art Renewal Center’s Annual Salon Competition.
  • “Soup Tureen” won third place in The Artist’s Magazine’s Annual Art Competition in the Student Category.


  • After the Academy Artists (ATAA)
  • The Art Renewal Center (ARC)
  • Oil Painters of America (OPOA)
  • International Guild of Realism (IGOR)


Although her journey in the field of fine art didn’t begin until later in life, it was more than rewarding. Nancy enrolled in the Academy of Realist Art in the fall of 2007 and earned her diploma in October 2013. Her education started with graphite, moving into carbon, then charcoal and finally oil paint. Initially Nancy enrolled into the Academy to pursue her love of the human figure but as she progressed through the program she became very fond of painting still life. Nancy taught at the Academy in all levels of the program for two years following her graduation. At present she is a full time artist working from her Stratford, Ontario studio.

Artist’s Statement

“I have always been drawn to realism, to create a sense of life and living from a blank canvas or piece of paper. I find the concept of realism, absolutely fascinating. I am always surprised and amused by the degree of dimension that can be achieved, a feeling that one can almost reach into a painting and touch the objects in a still life, or possibly catch the eye of the subject in a portrait.”