Denise Antaya

Profile At A Glance

Art Education

  • Oil painting workshop with Donald Jurney – September, 2015
  • Oil painting workshop at MISA with Marc Hanson – September, 2015
  • Oil Painting workshop with Donald Jurney – October, 2014
  • Hudson River School landscape workshop – July, 2014
  • Academy of Realist Art – Aug 2011 to July 2014
  • Fanshawe College – Advertising Art with one year Fine Arts
  • Continuing Education Classes – Acrylics, Watercolours, Chalk Pastels, Life Drawing, In the Footsteps of the Impressionists (Art History)


  • 2015 New Masters Buckhorn Arts Festival – Aug
  • 2015 New Masters Carrier Gallery, Toronto – July-Sept
  • 2014 New Masters Christmas Show and Sale ARA – December
  • 2014 New Masters Show – Carrier Gallery – October
  • 2014 New Masters Drawing Show – Imagefoundry – July
  • 2014 New Masters Show – Academy of Realist Art – Jan
  • 2012 7th Annual Desmond Juried Art Exhibit and Sale – July
  • 2010 Arts Project – 3rd Annual 5 to 9 Group Show – February
  • 2009 JASS London, Museum London Group Show – October
  • 2009 Paint Ontario – Group Show – March
  • 2009 Arts Project – 2nd Annual 5 to 9 Group Show – February
  • 2008 Paint Ontario – Group Show – March
  • 2008 Arts Project – 5 to 9 Group Show – February
  • 2006 Art Mart, Museum London, London, Ontario – October
  • 2005 Art Mart, Museum London, London, Ontario – October
  • 2004 Art Mart, Museum London, London, Ontario – October
  • 1999 Michael Gibson Gallery, Juried Miniature Art Show, London, Ontario – Fall
  • 1992 Sandy Snelgrove’s Gallery, London, Ontario – Summer
  • 1981 Aries Wildlife Gallery, Vancouver, BC – Group Show – Summer
  • 1974 Gibson Gallery, Amherstburg, Ontario – Group Show – Summer
  • 1972-75 Willistead Art in the Park, Windsor, Ontario – Summer
  • 1972-73 Art by the River, Amherstburg, Ontario – Summer


  • BoldBrush Art Competition by FASO – 15% Jury FAV October 2014
  • South Essex Arts Association Award – 1977 – 78
  • Fine Arts Award, Amherstburg, Ontario – 1978 – 79


  • Ontario, Vancouver, Alberta, Europe, Singapore, Japan


I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I had my first serious art show when I was fourteen and have not stopped painting and drawing since. It is a passion that has stayed with me throughout my life. Realism has always been my style of choice because of the challenges it represents. Landscape, with its never ending subtleties and forever changing moods has always been the subject that inspires me the most.

When I went to college, I decided to study Advertising Art because making a living as a Fine Artist seemed a risky one. Being a studio finished artist fuelled my need to draw and perfect. After thirty one years in the business, it was time to fulfill my dream of going to art school.

Through a series of events and twists of fate I discovered the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, ON. After touring the private school, I was so impressed, I decided to quit my job, sell my home in London, ON and move to Toronto. The curriculum is based on the 19th century academic training methodologies employed by European ateliers. It is realism at its finest. My many years of painting and drawing and the precision of doing pre press work have helped with the discipline required to go through the program.

Like anything else worth having, being an artist takes hard work, perseverance and practice. Once I have the strong base that ARA provides I will be taking workshops at the Hudson River school and from other notable living masters to hone my landscape painting skills which is where my true love lies. Going through this process of learning emphasized how much I have improved but how much more I have to learn. It’s a journey, one I hope that never ends.

Artist’s Statement

I was born in Windsor, Ontario and now live in Port Stanley, Ontario.

After a 31 year career in Advertising, I decided to pursue my life long passion for painting landscapes on a full-time basis.

We are surrounded by beauty. I often wonder if people see the world as I do. Do they see the magic that is all around us? As an artist I work hard to create paintings that speak to me, and hopefully, to others about the important things in life. I hope my paintings evoke memories of childhood vacations long forgotten, where the stresses of the world are left behind, peaceful times at the lake or hiking in the woods. I hope they remind us of simpler times with family and friends, times of happiness, peace and tranquillity.

Every hour, every day and every season, brings its own personality and challenges to the landscape artist. Capturing the beauty and subtleties that nature provides is a never ending source of inspiration for me. A plein air painter has to capture the essence of place with the ever changing light, subtleties of colour, shape and shadows, only keeping what is necessary to tell the story. Nature is the finest teacher and if I study what she is trying to tell me the rewards are endless. I strive to take the everyday scene that is often overlooked, and present it in a new light. If I can draw the viewer in, make them feel the warmth of the sunshine, the coolness of the shadows, the dancing of the light across the fields or the heaviness of the air with the impending storm, then I have succeeded. If I can make the audience feel the magic then this journey is all worth while.